Revolution Student Ministries

Spring Creek Nazarene Youth

Revolution NYI (Nazarene Youth International) meets on Wednesday evenings from 7:00- 8:00pm in our Youth building behind the CLC. We hold weekly studies to teach and challenge us in our walk with Christ. During the summer months we do an alternate, more relaxed schedule which include more activity type events.

Other activities that we have include:

Monthly activities which include things like: dinner out, game nights, shopping trips, sports events, pool parties, concerts, winter and fall retreats and various other events. 

Fundraising events:

We have a couple major fundraising events that allow the students to earn money to be placed in their individual accounts that are set up for them which allows them to use the funds to attend any of our activities.

Those fundraisers include:

Working the entrance gates at the Rockingham County Fair, selling homemade candies during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons and selling homemade chocolate eggs filled with various flavored fillings. We do from time to time include other smaller fundraising events when needed.

Outreach and Mission trips:

For 12 years we went to Camp Echoing Hills in Warsaw, Ohio as our mission trip. This is a Christian Handicap camp where the youth go and serve children and adults with various mental and physical disabilities in various capacities for a week. We also do outreach events once or twice a year in our local community.

Wednesday's @7:00pm

Contact Steve Lloyd for more info.